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ABB's AFCI Advantage
Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter with Shared Neutral
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ABB's AFCI Advantage

ABB's AFCI Advantage

Easy as 1,2,3! AFCI Made Simple

Look to our AFCI with shared neutral for all your retrofit and new installations.

Why choose AFCI installations with shared neutral?


We made it “standard”
  For retrofit projects:
  • Install just like a standard
  • Swap the circuit breaker and wiring and you’re all set!


We added flexibility.
  • For new construction, one circuit breaker does it all.
  • Use two one-pole circuit breakers with a handle tie for a simple two-pole solution
  • UL approved shared neutral solution


We made it easier!
  • No mixed neutral runs to hunt down
  • Easy-to-apply shared neutral solution
  • Easier planning, more efficient installation and fewer customer callbacks


AFCI Made Simple

The ABB AFCI with Shared Neutral Advantage

ABB's AFCI enables shared neutrals. Ordinarily you would not be able to have just one neutral coming back to the circuit breaker for the AFCI to function properly. The ABB AFCI has the ability to ignore the neutral. You can wire a multi-wire circuit or a shared neutral the same way you would wire a thermal magnetic breaker.

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The GE AFCI with shared neutral advantage


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