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40 percent reduced “copper cost” for MCC panels



 A GE panel builder customer in Brazil needed to deliver a motor control center (MCC) panel solution to meet the exacting standards for an important aerospace client. The end-user wanted the reliability and cost-savings of an IEEE-based GE MMC solution, but specified to meet stringent IEC standards. The GE SEN Plus MCC split bus bar design was a “must-have” for the panel builder to bid competitively. This split bus bar approach lets two MMCs share the same bus bar allowing back-to-back installation, which saves both the cost of materials and valuable line space.  



GE application engineers held technical workshops with consultants and specifiers to help align specifications to meet both IEEE to IEC standards, allowing the panel builder partner to cost-competitively bid this important aerospace project. 



 The panel builder was able to specify GE’s split bus bar motor control panel solution–leveraging a 40 percent savings in “copper costs”–to secure the order and win a new customer.


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