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Data Center Expert Day
Welcome to Data Center Expert Day

Hello, I’m Dave Sterlace, Global Head of Technology for ABB Data Center Solutions. Thanks for visiting our Data Center Expert Day hub. We hosted 3 informative tracks with multiple presentations, these are now available for on-demand viewing. At ABB, we feed off of new challenges, so contact us if we can help support your data center to meet the demands the future brings – from scale to speed to sustainability.

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Our data center solutions and integrated systems are designed for heavy-duty applications and the world’s ever-increasing data demands.

We offer technologies for cloud, colocation, telecommunications and financial services customers to minimize downtime, improve efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of high energy demand.

Welcome session

Smart data needs smart power

The data center industry is at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution, and demands for availability and efficiency are at an all-time high. You need mission critical technologies and solutions for smart, safe and sustainable data center operations.

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Track one: Design modernization and management

Mitigating power quality threats through drive type

Data centers use variable speed motor control solutions to save energy, however, variable speed controls distort voltage and current waveforms, resulting in power harmonics in the network. This exposes data centers to compromised system reliability and efficiency, including increased risk of equipment malfunction, additional maintenance, post commissioning harmonic mitigation, and possible penalties from utilities. This session will address system assessment and technology improvements that achieve full-system efficiency vs. only component efficiency in a way that simultaneously best maximizes reliability and use of energy for your facility.

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Energy storage technology trends – implications for mission critical infrastructure

In this session we will explore technology and chemistry trends in energy storage for applications ranging from data center / telecom / edge to EV fast charging and grid-connected energy services. We plan to cover numerous power levels and storage systems including mechanical, thermal, chemical, rotational / inertia and others whilst we examine the implications associated with deploying one or more for energy storage requirements ranging from seconds to hours all the way to weeks and months. It is our goal to help you become aware of these trends and technologies, some of which have been around for millennia albeit now with new materials and controls, and how you may be able benefit from them directly with on-site deployments, indirectly through grid-level deployments, or in various combined forms.

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Asset utilization in data centers – how to achieve balance between reliability and cost

Make your working capital work for you. In this important course, we will discuss asset utilization across different topologies and schemes and strategies to effectively reduce stranded capital and overall CapEx without sacrificing reliability.

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Track two: Intelligence and interconnection

Switchgear: now an active and intelligent part of your operations and maintenance plan

Enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT), components of your system that have historically sat idle are no longer a passive piece in your operations. The rapid growth of digitization is evolving switchgear’s importance and data center facility managers must take note. This vital equipment is always monitoring, providing active protection, to enable your facility to perform at its best.

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Live demo: transform data center operations with industrial automation processes

Digital industrialization of the data center enables businesses to respond to dynamic market forces faster and deliver customer value more economically - all while ensuring reliability, optimal performance and simplified management of data center resources. In this live demo, you will experience a method to transform your data center operations from where you are today to where you need to be as quickly as possible.

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Digitally integrated transformers for complete peace of mind

The changing dynamics and increasing complexity of today’s power grid has heightened the risk of costly outages and made energy management even more challenging. The world’s first transformer that integrates the latest digital technology is proven to increase uptime, optimize operations, and enhance safety and security.

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Track three: Predicting and preparing for all scenarios

The future of standard operating procedures

Enhance safety and avoid costly mistakes by adopting digital field procedures that are mobile and integrated. Put the power of Industry 4.0 and the latest efficiency technologies like Augmented Reality into the hands of your maintenance and operations staff, to make sure your SOPs are executed perfectly every time.

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Keep your data center running during outages

In the data center industry, equipment redundancy is widely used to achieve system availability. However, the level of redundancy is dependent on equipment reliability. Paralleling switchgear can enable your operations to continue running smoothly thanks to standby power systems so there is a guarantee your data center always has power. You can continuously monitor to ensure your system is stable, while also planning ahead for future needs and expansion. This provides greater control, communication, and grid interconnection so your entire facility is not at risk and can continue operations when flexibility matters most.

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Latest UPS design enhancements to meet growing power requirements across the industry

The last decade has presented significant changes to the data-center market with facilities growing larger at unprecedented speed. As these facilities push power requirements higher, the demand for scalable and redundant power solutions continues to grow. This change has resulted in increased focus on lowering the cost of building and operating data centers. UPS manufacturers have risen to meet these challenges with the latest in UPS designs and configurations to deliver impressive sustainable power technology with reduced energy losses.

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