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Edmonton, Alberta Service Center

The Edmonton Service Center features on-site and in-shop support by factory trained and ABB certified tehnicians for all types of electrical equipment and driven devices. With access to the global network of ABB Service Centers, Edmonton is truly your total repair solution.

Edmonton Service Center Brochure



  • 28,000 square foot facility
  • Three bays with 30+ foot hook height
  • 40 ton lifting capacity
  • 500 KVA test capacity
  • Four utility room extensions
  • In-shop MIG, TIG, stick, brazing, and sub-arc welding
  • Separate welding, blasting, steaming, cutting, and high precision tool storage areas



9449 49th Street, N.W.
Edmonton, Alberta
P:  (780) 440-7575

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Electrical & Drive Services

  • All manufacturers – all sizes
  • On-site and in-shop capabilities
  • Complete service – install, commission, test, optimize, refurbish, and repair
  • Basic overhaul – clean and inspect
  • Stator and armature rewinds
  • Test and repair small dry transformers
  • Test and repair switchgear and breakers
  • PDMA and DOBLE testing
  • Baker 50 KV AC and DC surge tester
  • Oil analysis
  • Safety and Six Sigma global recognition
  • Variety of technician certifications
    - Sour gas, nuclear facility clearance, asbestos abatement, confined space respiration and fitness for work, forklift, slinging, hoisting, and rigging

Mechanical Services

  • On-site full machine capabilities
  • Vibration signature, analysis and dynamic balancing
  • Horizontal boring mill (20,000 lbs., 79" table)
  • Schenk hard bearing balance machine (20,000 lbs.)