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There’s a lot that goes in to powering a conveyor system. You need an effective and responsive starter and drive train, solutions that can help identify or mitigate potential operational issues, and components that allow your conveyor system to work in your commercial or industrial environment.

Because conveyor drive systems are external to the production control systems, a broken drive gear or belt can go undetected and result in serious damage, as well as extensive downtime.

Longer conveyors could require multiple motors or drives. To avoid jamming, material build-up or material damage, it is critical these drive systems be coordinated.

Our product portfolio offers the solutions you need to get the most from your conveyor system, along with added benefits like inventory reduction, cost savings and increased reliability.
     Conveyor Applications - OEM





Soft Starter - OEM     

Soft Starters


Temporarily reduce the load and torque in the system’s power train, as well as the current surge of the motor during startup. Soft starting is more energy efficient, and it can prevent material being carried away on the conveyor system from unnecessary movement or loads.

•  High Efficiency: About 99% efficient at full operating speed and load.

•  Low Heat Generation: No solid-state components are active when an integral bypass is used; therefore, no additional heat is generated.

Improved Communications: Modbus, Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet.




If the conveyor belt breaks, the motor will draw less current because it is no longer under load. Soft starters can detect this event and make the appropriate notifications for fast resolution.

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Variable Frequency Drives


Drive an electric motor by varying the frequency and voltage supplied to the motor. Variable frequency drives, or VFDs, are best used in applications with high-torque starting applications and applications where continuous feedback of position is needed.

•  Heat Generation: Components of VFDs are “always on” and constantly controlling frequency, making them inherently hotter than soft starters.

•  Improved Communications: Modbus, Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet.




VFDs can be used to provide different speeds when needed–for example, slowing acceleration to avoid lurching people and material. VFDs allow for accurate acceleration, deceleration, braking and positioning.

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     Variable Frequency Drives - OEM




Molded Case Circuit Breakers     

Molded Case Circuit Breakers


GuardEon* by GE is the new low voltage molded case circuit breaker platform designed to work in tough, real-world applications, and is a smart, reliable and secure circuit breaker solution. GuardEon circuit breakers have global ratings for both IEC and NEMA markets, which makes them an ideal solution for the global conveyer industry.

•  Inventory Reduction: Field interchangeable, upgradeable trip unit technology enables flexibility in stocking, installation and servicing. Plug & play functionality helps to configure advanced features on site.'

•  Labor Cost Savings: Incorporates many electrical components found external to the breaker, such as a CT for metering. Fewer components mean less time and labor costs to build the control panel.

•  Protection of People and Equipment: Enabled with ArcWatch* selective coordination and arc flash mitigation technology.

•  Fewer Unplanned Outages: Equipped with the new PremEon* G Trip Unit with digital display to help with predictive maintenance.

•  Trip Unit Toolkit: Manage your trip unit with a powerful and intuitive interface that provides simple, easy access to control functionality from startup and commissioning to maintenance and testing, directly on your personal computer.




If the conveying mechanism is attempting to overcome the friction caused by a jam or material build-up, the motor will begin drawing too much current. Molded case circuit breakers like GuardEon can sense when the motor is drawing too much current.
If an overcurrent event causes a short circuit and thermal overload of the motor, molded case circuit breakers like GuardEon can help protect the motor, controls and wiring.

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Contactors, like GE’s Efficor*, make it possible to operate your conveyor in myriad commercial and industrial environments and conditions. They’re designed to function in harsh and high-temperature environments, allow for tool-free installation and in-the-field upgrades, and have wider operating ranges to help reduce the number of SKUs to maintain.

  Built for Industrial Applications: Contactors like Efficor can withstand temperatures from -40 to 70 C, and their compact design helps protect against pollution and dust. Efficor has achieved global approvals including CE, CCC and UL, and certifications for marine and transportation applications.

  Inventory Reduction: Just one Efficor contactor SKU is all that’s needed for your global product lines, simplifying machine design, reducing stock costs and streamlining BOM management.

  Smart Wiring for a Secure Connection: Efficor is designed with double box terminals to provide secure and intelligent wiring options, which ensure a secure connection preventing overheating.

  Energy Efficient Design: Efficor units up to 40A utilize a combination or permanent magnet and electromagnet technology to help ensure low energy consumption and high reliability. Above 50A, it incorporates an AC/DC super wide coil design that provides improved reliability and energy efficiency.

•  Space and Time Saving: Efficor’s compact design results in significant space savings in the cabinet. Efficor also features smart wiring and connectivity technologies that enable faster assembly. The contactors can be mounted side-by-side without derating.




Efficor’s universal service coil technology enables coverage across an industry-leading range of voltages and voltage types (AC/DC), and a voltage suppression device is automatically built in. With the industry shifting to IE3 motor applications, which require 30-50% more inrush current to start, Efficor is tested and proven to meet your control needs.

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     Contactors - OEM




Additional Products for Your Conveyor Applications




These components are critical to keep operators and maintenance personnel both aware and safe.





These components can be used to disconnect power from an entire system.


miniature circuit breakers- OEM



Help protect the motor, controls and wiring when an overcurrent event happens.



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