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InControl webinar series for OEMs

Reliability, productivity and efficiency are key objectives for any OEM. The InControl webinar series for OEMs will offer insights on how ABB’s comprehensive product portfolio can help you:

  • Maximize your profit
  • Protect your assets
  • Optimize your investments

Each 45-minute session is delivered by an ABB subject matter expert and concludes with an informative Q&A session.

Sessions occur every other Wednesday at 2:00PM ET

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What to Expect?

March 23   Utility-scale solar PV pushes into higher AC voltages   Allen Austin   The evolution of high-efficiency solar photovoltaic (PV) string inverters is driving a shift toward higher AC voltages in utility-scale solar applications. Using string inverters in solar plants rated at 20 megawatts and below can be extremely beneficial. With output voltages now as high as 1000VAC, the same amperages will yield higher output power levels. Learn about the benefits and challenges of going to higher voltage.
April 6   How are applications and standards changing the need for surge protection?   Chris Martin & Kim Fairley   Surge protection devices (SPDs) were once added to applications, mainly when some additional protection might be appropriate. Today's expanding use of SPDs is largely due to the changing nature of the equipment and systems they protect. The growing use of digital technology, which is susceptible to surge-related damage, and changing standards have impacted the use of SPDs. Learn how SPDs can enhance your designs.
April 20   What motor starting solution is right for your full-speed pump/fan application?   Bill Hilliard   Learn more about essential, enhanced, and advanced motor starting solutions for your pump and fan applications.
May 4   Outlook for the US conveyance market and key safety product needs   Dan Rice & Darrell Burkeen   Join us in a discussion regarding machine safety and the market outlook for the user or builder in logistics operations. In particular, we will discuss emergency stop (rope pull), gate applications and the control systems that safeguard these systems.
May 18   Deliver enhanced motor protection for your customer with a combination of hardware and software   Daniel Lightsey   Your equipment is your reputation so you need solutions that deliver productivity, reliability and efficiency for you and your customers. SACE®Tmax® XT breakers and UMC100.3 motor controllers combined with ABB Ability™ software modules offer additional motor protection capability. Learn how you can provide customized protection and a configurable ABB solution that allows your customers to minimize downtime and reduce maintenance.


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