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InControl webinar series for OEMs
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InControl webinar series for OEMs

Reliability, productivity and efficiency are key objectives for any OEM. The InControl webinar series for OEMs will offer insights on how ABB’s comprehensive product portfolio can help you:

  • Maximize your profit
  • Protect your assets
  • Optimize your investments

Each 45-minute session is delivered by an ABB subject matter expert and concludes with an informative Q&A session.

Sessions occur every other Wednesday at 2:00PM ET

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What to Expect?

April 21   Select the right motor starting option   Bill Hilliard   Of the various motor starter options, which is the best fit for your application? This webinar introduces the benefits and tradeoffs of the three main starter types: across-the-line starters, softstarters, and variable frequency drives.
May 5   Why the increased need for surge protection?   Karla Zavala   Surge protection devices (SPDs) were, in the past, often tacked on in applications where some additional protection might be appropriate. Today's expanding use of SPDs is largely due to the changing nature of the equipment and systems they protect; increasingly digital technology is also increasingly susceptible to surge-related damage. Should you be making additional use of these devices in your designs?
May 19   How to properly size and select disconnect switches for UL508 and UL98 applications   Thomas Chrysler
Oscar Moreno
  Disconnect switches are not all equal. While the need for switching power on and off is the same across the industry, the required solutions are quite different, and misinterpretation of the technical requirements can result in unnecessary costs added to electrical panels. Understanding the differences between UL508 and UL98 requirements will allow you to stay competitive and deliver the right technical solution.
June 2   Take power panel innovation to the neXT level   Glynn Newby   Panel builders rely on their value-add capability to separate themselves from their competition. Ready to dramatically speed up field modifications and eliminate labor-intensive bolt-on components? Then you’re ready for what’s next in power panels: ReliaGear™ neXT from ABB. In this webinar learn more about ABB's plug-in power panels, engineered to dramatically save time, labor and cost while helping to ensure reliability.
June 16   What's new with pilot devices?   Matt Darroch   Trust is everything and in industrial environments, it is essential to have human-machine interfaces you can count on. Whenever you start or stop a process, the response must be assured. That’s why ABB pilot devices are designed and engineered to deliver total reliability. Learn about what's new in the ABB pilot device portfolio, and what tools are available to help you select and engineer them into your equipment.
September 8   Battery Energy Storage going to higher DC voltages: A guide for the OEM   Allen Austin   The evolution of battery energy storage systems (BESS) is now pushing higher DC voltages in utility scale applications. Industry experts are forecasting phenomenal growth in the industry with annual estimate projections of 1.2 BUSD in 2020 to 4.3 BUSD in 2025. With this tremendous market expansion, the industry is continually looking for ways to increase system efficiency and durability. It is key that the OEM is aware of these trends in order to design system components that meet current trends.

Review the evolution of battery energy storage from 12vdc to today’s 1500vdc installed in large scale utility systems. In addition, review how these components can be integrated by OEMs.
September 22   Looking for the transformer to fit your application?   Patti Hussey   ABB has a wide variety of low voltage dry type transformers to fit your needs. From Type QL to IP, QB and QMS, our transformers are engineered and designed for safe and smart energy distribution and reliable performance while complying with industry standards.

In this session, learn about what’s new in the portfolio and the tools that are available to help you select and order low-voltage dry type transformers for your application.
October 6   Epic innovation in circuit breakers   Oscar Moreno   Transform the way you work with digital innovation from ABB. Imagine being able to import/export settings and access real-time breaker information from outside the arc flash boundary. Imagine being able to pull up installation instructions and other relevant documents straight from a QR code. Imagine being able to offer service contracts based on condition monitoring. SACE® Emax 2 and Tmax® XT circuit breakers have an epic new feature: a free mobile app that helps panel builders and other users go beyond their normal way of working.
Choose the right solution for your application

*Special edition webinars require a separate registration.

  Anke Steger, Anatoly Kosyakin & Chandra Shekar  
Select the right solution from essential to advanced offerings for full-speed motor starting and protection applications
  • Essential solutions to help ensure continuous operation with space-saving and easy-to-install products
  • Enhanced solutions to add protection with increased safety, control and monitoring features
  • Advanced solutions with intelligent, predictive operations due to integrated data collection and advanced connectivity
October 20   Understanding how to apply UL 1008 in sizing automatic transfer switches for critical power applications   Babu Chinnasamy   Automatic transfer switches are a critical element to keeping your power on. They constantly monitor and watch for any power interruption so they can switch over to alternate power to keep your critical operations running.

In this session, learn more about UL 1008 testing requirements for transfer switches and how to size and select an automatic transfer switch for your application. ABB subject matter experts will also share critical power application case studies.
Product selection challenges when adopting premium efficiency motors

*Special edition webinars require a separate registration.

  Berea Janzen & Matt Miller  
Advance beyond the overall challenge into the particulars on how to start energy-efficient motors
  • What is the importance of energy-efficient motors and how do they differ from standard-efficiency motors?
  • Standards and regulations to be aware of
  • Eco-design directive for three-phase motors
November 3   Protect your motors with smart measuring and monitoring relays   Matt Darroch   Electric motors are a key element in the industrial environment. In order to maximize uptime and prevent damage, professionals rely on measuring and monitoring devices as their first line of defense in motor protection. ABB’s line of measuring and monitoring relays have taken the concept of motor protection one step further by offering smart capabilities. Learn how you can take advantage of these new concepts and engineer them into your equipment.
November 16   SPECIAL EDITION:
NEMA/UL motor starting and protection

*Special edition webinars require a separate registration.

  Berea Janzen, Casey McCollum & Kelvin McGraw  
  • What is the consultant community looking for in motor starting for NEMA/UL applications?
  • NEMA enclosed motor starter portfolio
  • Open combination motor controllers (CMC)
  • New UL CMC features on the Selected Optimized Coordination digital tool
November 17   Advanced concepts in protection, automation, and control: 21st century: safety, power, security, and energy efficiency   Paul D. Stack   In this webinar we will discuss improvements that have been made in protective relaying technology during the 21st century and compare digital technology with conventional technology in serving protection, control, and automation applications. We’ll cover:
  - How digital sensors differ from conventional sensors.
  - How conventional protection applications and advanced automation applications are both achieved using digital technology.
  - How multiple, concurrent applications are attainable with lower investment.

We’ll round out the session with a discussion on cyber-security and safety.
December 1   Benefits and solutions for active arc protection   Chris Schroeder   Safety, up-time, and controlling maintenance costs are important but challenging concepts for end-users. Fast-acting active arc protection is a critical solution for limiting potential dangers to personnel, limiting damage to equipment in the event of a fault, and ultimately reducing maintenance while increasing up-time. In this webinar you’ll learn about the operation and integration of ABB’s UFES system, the fastest low- and medium-voltage arc mitigation system available.
December 15   Selecting the right Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) to increase safety and reduce downtime and cost   Thomas Weinmann   Miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) offer many advantages to the end user by protecting electrical installations against overloads and short circuits. They come in a wide variety of trip curves, approvals, and technical ratings. In this webinar, an ABB subject matter expert will explain how to select the right MCB for your application to increase safety and reduce downtime and cost.


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