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Don’t Compromise!
Get selective coordination without sacrificing arc flash protection.
Industrial Solutions

There is a circuit breaker line that does it all.

There is a circuit breaker line that does it all.

A complete low-voltage line that doesn't force your customers to compromise reliability for protection.

GuardEon MCCB - GE Circuit Breaker

GuardEon* MCCB

Low-voltage molded case global circuit breaker (MCCB) platform, designed by users for global industry applications.

Spectra RMS MCCB - GE circuit breaker

Spectra RMS* MCCB

15 to 1200A. These industrial SE150, SF250, SG600 and SK1200 breakers have a digital, solid state, RMS sensing trip system with field installable, front-mounted rating plugs. SG600 and SK1200 available with microEntelliGuard trip units.

EntelliGuard G - GE LV Circuit Breaker

EntelliGuard* G

Low-voltage power circuit breaker, available in 3- and 4-pole designs rated from 400A to 6000A, with fault interruption ratings up to 200kAIC.

EntelliGuard R Retrofill - GE LV Circuit Breaker

EntelliGuard* R Retrofill 

Retrofill existing metal frame breaker cubicles with an EntelliGuard G breaker. Offers the option to include the EntelliGuard TU Trip Unit.

Trip Unit Tool Kit

Trip Unit Toolkit

Free software package that enables users to manage, monitor, test and customize the parameters present in the GE range of EntelliGuard, PremEon, microEntelliGuard trip units.


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