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ABB’s new ReliaGear™ LV MCC
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ABB’s new ReliaGear™ LV MCC is the next level in motor control centers

February 24, 2021

Combining decades of GE Industrial Solutions motor control center (MCC) experience with ABB’s cutting-edge, digital technology in both the ACS580 variable frequency drives and Tmax® XT circuit breakers, ReliaGear™ LV MCC offers the best of both worlds.


ABB today announced the release of ReliaGear™ LV MCC. The low voltage motor control center is built for simplicity and durability. Designed for safety, this low-voltage MCC was created to meet customer needs across a wide range of applications with a focus on smart MCC solutions. ReliaGear LV MCC is UL/cUL 845 listed and available globally in all ANSI markets where NEMA standards are prevalent and/or required.


“Customer feedback started ABB on the journey to build a simple, smart MCC with a wide variety of features and functionality,” said Dick Jackman, Global Product Group Manager for ANSI MV+LV Switchgear, ABB. “The result, ReliaGear LV MCC, brings more advanced protection and controls to the ABB portfolio, enhancing both quality and reliability.”


ReliaGear LV MCC is engineered for use in demanding applications in market segments such as pulp and paper, mining and metals, utility, chemical, oil and gas, mass-production manufacturing, and water and wastewater. The ReliaGear LV MCC motor control center provides a safer, smarter, and more sustainable solution to protect and control motors.


Safer: Retractable stab mechanism allows for closed-door racking, helping keep operators safe from potential arc flash hazards. Integrated surge protection device mitigates risk from surge events, such as lightning, which can cause equipment failure and downtime. Reinforced door latches are 21x stronger than previous designs.


Smarter: ACS580 variable frequency drives are compatible with a wide range of fieldbus protocols meaning the drives, breakers, relays, etc. speak many communication protocol "languages" allowing for easy integration with other systems, including non-ABB systems. Wide range of motor manage-ment relays, including ABB's UMC100.3, allows for communication, protection and control. Tmax XT molded case circuit breakers offer the option for Ekip trip units with added ability for digital protec-tion, management, measurement, and remote monitoring.


Sustainable: Robust design and strong assembly allow for a Seismic Zone 4 standard rating, the most stringent, requiring enclosures to stay intact while experiencing the equivalent of an earthquake measuring up to 8.3 on the Richter scale. Plug starters up to Size 5, allow easy installation and removal. Newly designed disconnect handle is more robust, increasing durability during the life of the MCC.


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