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ABB’s new ReliaGear™ SB delivers best of both worlds benefits
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ABB’s new ReliaGear™ SB delivers best of both worlds benefits

July 23, 2020



Combining decades of GE Industrial Solutions switchboard experience with ABB’s cutting-edge Tmax XT circuit breaker platform, ReliaGear™ SB provides customers with reliability and flexibility.

The new ReliaGear SB features a safer, more reliable design and groundbreaking Tmax XT plug-in circuit breakers to significantly save time, labor, and cost, while helping to ensure greater energy efficiency and reliability. ReliaGear SB is available globally in all ANSI switchgear markets.


“Customers are demanding safer, smarter, and more sustainable solutions, and ReliaGear SB delivers just that,” said Derek Leitzke, Product Marketing Manager, ABB. “ReliaGear SB features a safer, more reliable design that is modular, flexible and faster to install. Tmax XT plug-in circuit breakers offer spring-loaded primary disconnects, enabling fast installation, easy replacement and reliable connection to maximize uptime.”


Safe, Smart and Sustainable

ReliaGear SB is Safe: The industry’s first IP20 finger safe bus stack is designed to reduce the risk of contact with live parts while performing startup or maintenance activities. Circuit breaker-integrated Bluetooth® technology enables users to set parameters and check measurements directly from a smartphone in an arc flash-free zone.


ReliaGear SB is Smart: With ABB Ability™ cloud connectivity, multiple communication options and built-in metering, the Tmax XT circuit breakers of ReliaGear SB put facility managers in control. The extreme precision of the data measured means users have access to accurate information anywhere, anytime, making it easier to monitor resources and identify savings opportunities.


ReliaGear SB is Sustainable: Reducing labor and saving time is crucial for electrical contractors. An 8 percent saving in labor costs for a typical large project can mean 133 percent more profit for the contractor. ReliaGear SB's intuitive installation enables components to be installed in as few as 20 sec-onds, dramatically saving skilled-labor costs, reducing downtime and lowering the risk of mistakes.


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