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Data Center Power Trends Reviewed in New GE Video
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Data Center Power Trends Reviewed in New GE Video

March 9, 2016
Data Center Challenges to Provide Data “Anywhere, Anytime” Explored in New Video from GE’s Critical Power Business
DALLAS – March 9, 2016  — The capacity and bandwidth to provide data to consumers “anywhere, anytime,” is a continuing challenge facing data center and communications companies, as outlined in a new video short by GE’s Critical Power business (NYSE: GE).
“Providing connectivity and data to consumers anytime, anywhere creates a tremendous connectivity, bandwidth and data capacity strain for data center and telecom facilities,” says Jeff Schnitzer, general manager of GE’s Critical Power business. “Our data center and communications customers are asking the existing power infrastructure to do more — process more data, power more bandwidth — in less space and in ways that create new total cost of ownership models for power efficiency.”  
The video is part of a series of videos from GE that detail the role of reliable, quality and efficient power in keeping data center, communications, computing and industrial customers’ operations flowing smoothly. The series, “Power Thoughts,” is available for viewing in the “Topics” section on the company’s information and resource page.
GE’s Critical Power business powers rapidly changing, disruptive markets where massive data, communications and computing capacity is redefining how business is done. Customers in data center, super computing, telecommunications and digital content industries rely on GE to provide the reliable and energy-efficient power to keep networks flowing and transactions moving 24/7. To learn more about GE’s Critical Power business, visit
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