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Flex-A-Power DH* Small Plug-in
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Flex-A-Power DH* Small Plug-in

GE style DH* busway is a modular power distribution system available in plug-in and feeder style with up to 10 plugs per 10-foot section. DH provides a convenient and cost effective power source for small machinery, portable electric tools, lights and a verity of other electrical equipment.


  • Small Machinery
  • Lighting
  • Portable electric tools
  • Not for hazardous locations
  • Not designed to be imbeded in the ground or in concrete
  • Indoor enclosures

Features and Benefits

  • Lighter Weight means faster installation than cable and conduit.
  • Low cost and proven reliability
  • Completely reusable and relocatable
  • DC Applications
  • Overlapping Joints are quickly and easily connected using 6 captive screws
  • Positive Electrical Joint with heavy compression springs provides for trouble-free connection
  • Wide Variety of Plugs - both fusible and circuit breaker types for application flexibility.

Product Scope

  • Low Voltage (600 Volts ac, 250 Volts dc)
  • 100 amperes
  • UL Listed
  • Short Circuit Ratings equal to 14kA for 3 cycles
  • Aluminum or Copper


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