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LTG* Lighting

LTG* busway is a modular, lightweight, ruggedized power distribution system. Plug-ins can be installed anywhere along the bus run.


  • Indoor enclosures
  • Small power tools and machinery
  • Light Industrial Applications
  • Not for hazardous locations
  • Not designed to be imbeded in the ground or in concrete

Features and Benefits

  • Light weight allows for lower installed cost that wire and conduit.
  • Continuous Plug-in Availability means that plugs can be inserted at any location along the run.
  • Flexible Design including a full complement of fitting and accessories makes LTG adaptable to any plant layout or building contour.
  • Roll-in Strength Beam allows for "roll-in" installation method which reduces installation labor by up to 50% with hangers required only every 16 ft.
  • Wide Variety of Plugs - Both fusible and circuit breaker types for application flexibility.
  • Reusable and Relocatable - If relocation becomes necessary, virtually all parts can be disassembled and reinstalled.
  • DC Applications

Product Scope

  • Low Voltage (300 Volts ac or dc)
  • 50 amperes
  • UL Listed
  • Copper
  • Three phase, four wire


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