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Heavy Industrial & Utility Grade Busway
Min-I-Phase Isolated Phase Bus Duct
Industrial Solutions

Min-I-Phase Isolated Phase Bus Duct

The Min-I-Phase bus duct is specifically designed for reduced space. Our design can be used for AC and DC excitation leads in power plants or in industrial applications where severe conditions can cause problems to the electrical environment.

Product Scope

  • 1.2 to 13.8 Vac or 1,500 Vdc
  • 30 to 110kV BIL
  • Up to 6,000 Aac and 8,200 Adc

Features and Benefits

  • Potential Transformers and Surge Protection Cubicles
  • Neutral Grounding Cublicles
  • Neutral Ties
  • Disconnect Switches(Telescopic and blade type)
  • Ampacity Studies
  • Field Supervision


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