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Synchropuff Medium and High Voltage
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Synchropuff Medium and High Voltage

GE-HITACHI HVB, Inc. is a joint venture dedicated to the manufacture of medium and high voltage circuit breakers. Our generator breakers are ideally suited for use in low voltage synchronization systems and have been installed in locations around the world in the most demanding environments. Our joint venture has 20+ years of quality service and is ISO certified.

Product Scope

  • Voltages from 69 to 550kV.
  • Interrupting ratings up through 63kA.
  • Continuous currents through 4,000A.
  • Spring and pneumatic mechanisms.
  • Gang and independent pole operation designs available.

Features and Benefits

  • Dead Tank designs.
  • Ability to place bushing current transformers on both sides of Interrupter.
  • Siesmic withstand capabilities.
  • Isolated phase interruption.
  • Low temperature capabilities.
  • Conforms to ANSI, IEEE and IEC Standards.
  • Both steel and aluminum tank designs built to meet ASME.

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