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T&B Liquidtight Flexible metallic conduits

T&B Liquidtight Flexible metallic conduits

T&B liquidtight systems® provides the widest range of flexible metallic conduits, application solutions and trade sizes in the electrical installation marketplace. T&B liquidtight systems are designed to perform in a range of applications that include industrial environments, computers, and those that must meet corrosion-resistant, oil-resistant, extreme-temperature, halogen-free and food-grade requirements.

The T&B liquidtight systems flexible metallic conduits meet a wide range of application requirements unmatched in the market including:

Product Offerings

  • General purpose
  • Food & Beverage
  • Stainless steel
  • Halogen free
  • Computer blue
  • Aluminum
  • Wide & extreme temperature



  • General Purpose
  • Oil Resistant
  • Wide Temperature
  • Extreme Temperature
  • Aluminum


  • Trade sizes from 3/8” to 6” (12mm to 155mm)
  • Listings and approvals to worldwide standards: UL, CSA, IEC/EN, CE Certifications
  • Coordinated performance with liquid-tight fittings and seal gaskets covering:Full range of trade sizes, Ingress protection ratings, Temperature ratings, Core component materials
  • Highest quality core materials and jacket extrusions
  • Reliable and tested performance to standards requirements: Liquid-tight to oils and water, Chemical resistance, Corrosion resistance, Sunlight (UV) protection, Bending strength, Tensile strength, Crush resistance, Impact resistance, Abrasion resistance, Flexibility and Flammability.

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