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IEC Contactors - C-2000* Contactor
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C-2000* Contactor

GE's C-2000 IEC Line of Contactors offer a wide array of power devices, accessories, and enclosures to give you greater design versatility.


C-2000 components are loaded with features that make them easier to install, allow more flexible configurations, lower inventory requirements, and make better use of panel space. These components conform to international standards (UL, CSA, IEC-947, and CE) and have dual (U.S./European) markings to ensure global acceptance.


A single nomenclature system allows simple sourcing world wide.

Features and Benefits

  • Broad line offers wide array of contactors to meet most application needs from 5-500 HP at 460 volts.
  • Common snap in accessories gives greater design versatility with lower inventory. Overload relays available in class 10, 20, and 30 with four set 40 function.
  • Manual reset only overload to meet automotive requirements
  • Finger and back of hands protected for greater safety
  • Available with Ring Terminal Connections
  • AC and DC coils available for a wide range of voltages
  • Pre-assembled reversing forms available


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