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IEC Contactors

IEC Contactors

IEC Contactors
AF 3-pole contactors
Featuring AF technology as standard, our 3-pole contactors have helped to establish the industry benchmark. The integrated electronically controlled coil offers multiple...
AF Contactors
AF Contactors 4 pole - Secure uptime and optimize stocks with AF latest technology up to 2650 A
AFS Contactors for safety applications
Designed for machine safety applications, AFS Contactors come with factory mounted contact blocks (mechanically linked and mirror contacts) making them ideal for monitoring...
3-pole B mini contactors
3-pole B mini contactors are compact and powerful. Mini contactors are ideally suited for applications where reliability is a must and space is at a premium. The dimensions...
contactors for DC switching
GF, GAF, and GA contactors are specifically designed for switching DC circuits up to 1500 V. Thanks to the efficient breaking of DC circuits, the product range is one of the...
Efficor - Reliable starter solutions up to 105A
Provides Starter and Power Switching Solutions for OEMs and Panel Builders working in the toughest markets.
ESB Installation contactors
ABB’s hum-free installation contactor designs offer a wide range of ratings from 16 A to 100 A. Widely used in buildings for switching and controlling lighting, heating,...
Contactor - C2000
Broad line offers wide array of contactors to meet most application needs from 5-500 HP @ <600V.
Contactor - C2000 Mini
Compact size requires less panel space. Available from 1/3HP-5.0HP @ <600V, and up to 50kAIC SCCR.

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