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Series CK - Contactor from 150 up to 700A - High efficiency coil
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Series CK - Contactor from 150 up to 700A - High efficiency coil

Three and four poles contactors with  electronic module: 150 to 780A (AC3) - 200 to 1250A (AC1)

The focus of GE Industrial Solutions’ engineers when upgrading the electronic module for CK was Reliability and Simplification. They collected all field experience of the successful CK contactor range to keep improving specifications and performance in the most demanding applications for contactors.

Cover a greater range with with less references, with only 4 coils the new electronic module covers a range from 24V -30% up to 500V +10% (AC 50/60Hz and DC). The 4 new coils cover the same range that was previously done with 20. This means a reduction in stock, easier management of inventory for distributors and better service which will ensure increased availability to the end customer.

The electronic module has been designed to support customer request to perform successfully in the most difficult applications.


(AC 50/60Hz and DC):
With special reinforce of the lower range (-30%) solving typical application issues when using big contactors with 24V supply.


(AC 50/60Hz and DC):

Covers the most common voltages used in transportation segment with only one contactor.


(AC 50/60Hz and DC):

This range replaces the most popular automation voltages; 110-120VAC, 125VDC (MV application) and 220-240VAC. Allowing OEM, Distributors and PB to optimize their stocks and service end customer.


(AC 50/60Hz and DC):

Typical voltage for Power Switching application. This contactor helps OEM in UPS, Data Centers and Power Quality application to standardize their machines to be sold WorldWide.



The new electronic module redesign from GE provides much better reliability versus any previous electronic modules or pure mechanical systems.

This will help customer to reduce production shortages and maintenance downtimes to a minimum. 

This new range will be the preferred  solution for Original Equipment Manufacturers because they can standardize the Bill Of Materials of their machines to be used worldwide. 

CK contactor series with electronic module is the perfect fit for OEM's working on Renewals (Wind, Solar, ATS, UPS), HVAC, Marine, Medium Voltage, Oil & Gas and Transportation. 


CK is approved UL, CCC and CE.


  • Increases mechanical life of the contactor improving reliability of end customer equipment.
  • Suitable for weak networks application by including a protecting voltage software to avoidhattering and contactor coil burning
  • Better performance in high vibration application; wind, marine, transportation
  • Increased contact pressure reduces resistance per phase and thermal load
  • Noise reduction even in hard environments with dust and corrosion
  • Transient voltage suppressor built-in
  • Wider temperature range operation: -40º to +70ºC
  • Application up to 3000m without derating
  • Conversion kit for installed CK base with electronic module
  • No dimensions change to facilitate exchange of products
  • Energy efficiency: reduce on hold consumption
  • Compliant with REACH and RoHS directives

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