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Industrial Integritas Floor Charger (IFC) without Batteries
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Industrial Integritas Floor Charger (IFC) without Batteries

The Integritas Floor Charger is the highest reliability floor mounted integrated industrial battery charger offered by GE. The system incorporates battery charger with integrated AC and DC distribution into a single bay solution. It boasts true redundancy, a state of the art controller with monitoring capabilities, and NERC compliance capabilities.
  • N+1 and N+N Redundancy
  • Integrated load distribution panel
  • Optional Secondary output breakers and battery disconnect panel
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Hot pluggable Rectifier Modules
  • Secured remote access and monitoring
  • Controller independent system operation
  • Front panel access to most control and monitoring parameters including alarms
  • Integrated DC & AC Surge protection

Base Charger without Batteries

The external battery Floor mount charger systems are installed in 84” inch four post frame enclosures with removable side panels and front and rear removable doors. The Zone 4 enclosure is designed and evaluated as an IP42 enclosure and provides convenient Top Feed to the enclosure.  The bays are divided into seven (7) distinct sections which include, from top to bottom, AC Input panel, DC Distribution panel, Controller shelf, rectifier shelves, AC Distribution, optional 400/415/480Vac to 230Vac Transformer followed by an optional bottom connection panel. The same list options used in this cabinet are also compatible in the 1500mm cabinets.  Dependent upon your configuration, this cabinet allows from 24,480 to 37,500 watts of charger power per plant. 

Distribution Cabinets

IFC2017 Floor mount charger systems cab be supplied with optional internal batteries. DC distribution systems with one bulk DC breaker and eleven (11) customer selected DC breakers are available for each primary output voltage and can be pre-configured reducing your field wiring requirements.  Refer to the Distribution Panel section for additional information for the additional field wiring requirements for your plant. Refer to your site-specific installation instructions to determine the load routing locations and breaker ratings for the individual DIN Breakers for this site.  

Battery Cabinets

The DC Battery Bay Cabinets are provided to accommodate additional hold over storage capacity for external Charger Bays. They’re installed in 84inch four post frame enclosures with removable side panels and front and rear removable doors. The Zone 4 enclosure is designed and evaluated as an IP42 enclosure. The bays can provide up to five (5) battery trays and are pre-configured for 24Vdc, 48Vdc and 125Vdc plants. Depending upon the ampere-hour rating of the batteries to be deployed, each tray can accommodate the following number of strings.

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