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Door Entry Systems

Welcome® door entry system is suitable for even the most stringent requirements as well as for deployment in buildings of all kinds. The real genius of this highly sophisticated system, however, is found in its ease of use, installation, and operation. Welcome systems are unique, elegant, and have an intuitive interface.  ABB Welcome's attractive design complements all home designs and innovative technology while meeting security expectations. No matter the kind of building, ABB is your trustworthy partner.


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ABB always takes pride in user experience and innovates common network technology to create a totally smarter solution that can perfectly meet your every need. We believe smart living and working provide the basis for a more comfortable life.


To make you safer and enjoy your own time, ABB combines all the security functions that keep you all day long with peace of mind. With powerful anti-hacker technology installed, there is no need to worry about cyber security issues.


The door communication system ABB-Welcome can be retrofitted easily into given houses and systems or used for new constructions. Its easy commissioning and universal design create an atmosphere of comfort, harmony and style.


ABB’s IP innovation provides flexible solutions that can satisfy your own living habit and style. No matter the kind of building, ABB is your trustworthy partner.



  • Multi apartment
  • Mid-size commercial
  • High-end residential

Our products

ABB Welcome® Indoor Station

Welcome Indoor Video stations

With its impressive design and simplicity in use, ABB's indoor station is the perfect choice for residents' comfortable living room. Thanks to the intuitive design, all functionalities are only a touch away, with additional programmable buttons enabling flexible customization to cover all entry needs. ABB® Welcome video indoor station provides a high level of security and control for residents’ network and data, and for protecting homes and families.

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ABB Welcome® Outdoor Station

Door Entry systems outdoor stations - Welcome

ABB Welcome® outdoor station provides a highly sophisticated system with HD video communication from outdoor to indoor and indoor to indoor. Distance is now only a matter of connectivity, which makes planning and commissioning the simplest matter. And the residents will be happy due to a unique and intuitive user interface in all devices. The well-known remote access of the main functionality is monitored by the MyBuildings portal powered by ABB Ability.

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