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Low Voltage AC

ACS310 - general purpose drives
A drive dedicated to optimize your variable torque applications, such as booster pumps and centrifugal fans.
ACS580 General purpose drive
ACS580 Effortless energy efficiency for your applications

Previous Generation AC Drives

AF-650 GP General Purpose Drives
230Vac, 3-Phase. Suitable for large industrial motor control of mixers and material handling applications.
AF-600 FP Drive
Specially designed for Fan and Pump applications. Drive features have been optimized to make it a perfect match for HVAC solutions.
AF-60 LP Drive
230Vac, 1-Phase: 1/4HP-3HP; 230Vac, 3-Phase: 1/3HP-5HP; 460Vac, 3-Phase: 1/2HP-30HP. Suitable for small motor control in applications such as material handling, conveyors and...
AF-600 FP Enclosed Drive Panel - Low Voltage AC Drives
An enclosed panel version of the stand-alone AF-600 FP drive. It incorporates contactors, switches, pilot lights and drive bypass functionality.
AF-650 GP* Enclosed Drive Panel
With a constant torque rating and built in functionality such as line disconnect, bypass contactors, and line and load filtering, the AF-650 GP Enclosed Drive Panel is suited...
AF-6 Series MultiPulse Drive Panel
Long considered the cornerstone for meeting IEEE 519-1992 requirements, MultiPulse drives include a special transformer and additional line rectifiers to cancel harmonics...

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