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eBus en-route charging

eBus en-route charging

Power distribution infrastructure



Battery energy storage system



Prefabricated and integrated solutions


eBus en-route charging solution with integrated HP chargers and energy storage


E-mobility solution for Bus Stops - Developed to provide maximum security for owners and maximum safety for public personnel, this solution incorporates in a single piece the MV grid connection to the power cabinet and energy storage.


Single-piece delivery significantly reduces site works in sensitive public areas. Integrated chargers can be connected into local monitoring and control platforms, simplifying fleet managment and providing resource optimization.


eBus en-route charging solution with integrated HP chargers


Scalable solution with energy storage for fleet grid


Owning a fleet of tens of vehicles charging simultaneously requires a MV grid connection and an engineered charging distribution system to meet required power demands. ABB's pre-engineered, scalable solution is capable of charging multiple cars today and can be expanded as fleets continue to grow with energy storage, renewable and/or power modules.


Modular solution with integrated high power chargers, ideal for roadside and fleet applications


This EcoFlex solution is designed to significantly shorten installation time and allow fast site uild up. Unit is delivered with Terra High Power EV chargers installed and prewired to grid connection switchboard. Modular solutions can be extended with other portfolio elements eg battery storage and Medium Voltage grid connection unit.



EV Charger infrastructure


Pantograph down for electric buses ABB offers an ideal solution to charge electric buses fully automated following the OppCharge protocol. With typical charge times of 3 to 6 minutes the system can easily be integrated in existing operations, ensuring zero-emission public transit during the day without impacting on the normal operation of the route.


Pantograph up for electric busesABB offers an ideal solution to charge electric buses that are equipped with a roof mounted pantograph. This allows to charge larger fleets of electric buses overnight in a range of 50-150 kW per vehicle and during the day with 150 kW up to 600 kW for opportunity charging.


Intelligent asset management


ABB Ability Connected Services for EV Chargers


ABB Ability OPTIMAX for Smart Charging


ABB Ability Electrical Distribution Control System


ABB Distribution automation

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