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CR420 General Purpose Plug-in
Industrial Solutions

CR420 General Purpose Plug-in

GE's CR420 general purpose plug-in relays and sockets offer a cost-effective switching solution for industrial control circuits. "Ice cube relays" are used in industrial equipment, machine tool, HVAC, lighting, vending, commercial appliances, elevators and spa applications.


All relays are available with AC or DC coils, plug-in or direct flange mounting and a variety of other popular options. From 5 amp (four pole) to 30 amp (single pole), these products add another dimension to GE's control package.  CR420s are UL and CSA recognized and CE marked for acceptance and use around the world. 

  • AC or DC coils
  • Push-to-test and LED indicator available
  • 1-, 2- and 3-pole configurations
  • Screw/DIN rail socket or flange mount
  • Up to 30A rating, true 25A socket



  • AC or DC coils
  • Push-to-test and mechanical indicatorstandard
  • 2- and 3-pole configurations
  • Easy-to-install pin socket



  • 4-pole configurations
  • Color coded coils
  • Manual operator with LED indicator options available



  • Push-to-test and LED indicator available
  • 1-, 2- and 4-pole configurations
  • Socket, PC board and flange mounting options
  • Color-coded coils for easy identification
  • Up to 15A contact rating

Features and Benefits

  • Industry standard - proven, familiar design
  • Power - handle large loads in a compact package
  • Reliability - Every relay is thoroughly tested, long electrical performance
  • Easy installation - Simple plug-in termination into robust DIN rail sockets save time and money.
  • Quick identification - All AC and DC coil are color-coded enabling quick voltage identification on the shop floor.
  • UL and CSA recognized and CE marked
  • Popular and frequently requested options:
    - Flag indicator shows relay status in manual or powered condition
    - Push-to-test button allows for manual operation without the need for coil power.
    - LED indicating lamp shows coil status.
    - Finger-safe IP20 sockets protect users from accidental contact


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