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Electronic Timers & Protective Relays - IEC

GE's IEC Electronic Timers provide 12 different output functions and multiple timing ranges. These units are utilized in a variety of applications including OEM panels, Industrial Control Circuits and Commercial applications. The devices are ASIC controlled allowing excellent precision and repeatability. The standard 22.5mm design requires very little panel space.


GE's  Protective Relays are a complete offering for motor and power distribution protection applications. These cost-effective units are 45mm wide and DIN rail mountable. The relays feature wide adjustment ranges with an easy to read scale. Positive fault detection is realized through LED indicators.


  • OEM Process Control
  • Industrial Automation

Features and Benefits

  • Compact package - 22.5mm and 45mm wide
  • Wide standard input ranges - 24-240V AC/DC, up to 500V
  • exible timing ranges - 0.6sec to 60min, up to 60 hours
  • High capacity contacts - 6A
  • Finger protection up to IP40
  • DIN rail or panel mount
  • 12 dedicated mode timers
  • Multifunction timer
  • Liquid level detection
  • Differential ground fault
  • Integral protection for three-phase lines
  • Unbalance and phase failure protection
  • Phase sequence and phase failure protection
  • Max. and min. voltage protection
  • Voltage detection
  • Current detection
  • Thermistor
  • Frequency control


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