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Embedded Power

Embedded Power

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Industrial Products

Conduction Cooled and Liquid Cooled Power
Ruggedized Conduction Cooled and Liquid Cooled power supplies for Industrial Applications, featuring a simple user interface and completely silent operation.
JRCS016 Buck-Boost Converter
400W non-isolated DCDC converters deliver output voltage below, equal to or above the input voltage (buck and boost functionality). These modules are well suited for...
Hornet Industrial Regulators - GE Critical Power
Fully integrated non-isolated industrial voltage regulators.
GE RESILIENT 3000 -- Industrial Embedded Power Supplies
Ruggedized 3kW power supply for General Purpose or Industrial Applications, featuring a simple operation and installation and extremely economical up-front and operation cost...

AC-DC Power Supplies
AC DC Power supplies are a device that supplies electric power to an electrical load. AC stands for Alternating Current and DC stands for Direct Current. DC Current flows only in one direction, while AC can reverse direction. Power supplies are used to convert the current from a source to the correct voltage, current, and frequency needed to power.

The compact CLP power supplies offer design flexibility for embedded power applications.
ABB’s CLP-series open-frame, fanless ac-dc power supplies provide high-density power for embedded applications requiring high availability in a compact footprint.
SLP Slim Line Power
SLP - Compact, Platinum Efficiency Power Supplies
Compact 1U AC-DC Power Rectifier from 500W to 3000W.
Compact 0.5U Fan-less Conduction Cooled Rectifier.
GP Power Line
Global Platform Line High-Efficiency 1U Power Rectifier 48Vdc
Compact High Efficiency 1U 48V Rectifiers and Converters 2kW to 3.5kW.
Power Shelves
Universal 19” 1U Rack with up to 5 slots and Hot-Swappable.
Embedded Power EP
Slim Line High Efficiency 1U Rectifiers 500W to 1600W.

Isolated DC/DC Converters

High Power Barracuda*
>150W modules in 1/4th and 1/8th brick format with wide Vin of 36-75V.
Low Power Barracuda*
15-120W modules in 1/4th, 1/8th, 1/16th brick and 1x1 format with wide Vin of 36-75V.
Hammerhead Isolated DC/DC Converter
15-228W modules in 1/4th, 1/8th, 1/16th brick and 1x1 format with ultra-wide Vin of 18-75V.
100W - 450W Power Amplifier Modules in eighth and half brick format with ultra-wide Vin of 36V-75V.
ATCA PIM Modules
ATCA compliant modules with wide Vin of 36V-75V and Output power of 10A/400 Watts with optional I2C communication.
Filter Modules
This series offers ultra-wide Input voltage range: 0V-75V with Output Power range 5 to 20A.

Non-Isolated DC/DC Converters

GE BoostLynx DC Converter
High Voltage & Low Voltage Step-Up
DLynx II with FKX added embedded power
Latest, Full-Featured, 3-720A, Digital/Analog.
Full-Featured, 2-40A, Digital/Analog.
Dense, Dual Output, 2x 6A or 12A, Digital/Analog.
Wide Input (9-36Vin), 3A, 5A, & 12A Analog.
SlimLynx Non-Isolated Power Supplies
Low Profile (2.9 mm), Digital/Analog, 3A, 6A and 12A.
High Performance, 2-50A, Analog.
Naos Raptor*
Single In-line Package (SIP) 2-60A, Analog.

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