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The DualDLynx* Series are non-isolated Point of Load (POL) DC-DC board-mounted power module products, offering an industry-leading 30 percent reduction in board space over previous and competing solutions. The new power modules include the PMBUS** interface for digital configuration, communication and control, as well as adaptive voltage scaling for power reduction. They also incorporate Tunable Loop* technology deliver leading current density for a broad range of applications including data communications, telecommunications, storage, industrial, medical, and military infrastructure equipment. The modules offer OEMs a high density solution to using two lower amperage parts as well as a significant size advantage to minimize the use of board space during manufacturing.

Power Modules Communication Input Range Vout Iout Efficiency Buy Now
UDXS0606 PDF Icon Digital PMBus 4.5 - 14.4V 0.51 - 5.5V 2x6A 95% buy_now
UVXS0606 PDF Icon Analog 4.5 - 14.4V 0.60 - 5.5V 2x6A 95% buy_now
UDXS1212 PDF Icon Digital PMBus 4.5 - 14.4V 0.51 - 5.5V 2x12A 95% buy_now
UVXS1212 PDF Icon Analog 4.5 - 14.4V 0.60 - 5.5V 2x12A 95% buy_now


Features and Benefits

  • Offers a broad input range of 4.5 volts (V) to 14.4V and a precisely regulated output voltage from 0.51 Vdc(Digital) / 0.6Vdc(Analog) to 5.5 Vdc.
  • PMBUS digital interface supports a wide range of commands including on/off, trim, margin, power good, rise time adjustment, startup delay and input under voltage lockout. Digital interface also offers output voltage, current, and temperature measurement capability.
  • Tunable Loop technology enables the user to optimize dynamic response to match the load with reduced output capacitance.
  • Synchronization and remote sense make designing for strict noise and set point requirements easier and more accurate. The Sync feature is not new it was in DLynx as well.
  • Single module using two 12A parts achieves a higher density versus two individual modules, saving valuable board space.
  • Can support 12A at 1.2Vo up to 80 degrees C without airflow
  • Interleaved 180 degrees out-of-phase to reduce input ripple when both outputs are operating


  • Distributed power architectures
  • Intermediate bus voltage applications
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Servers and storage applications
  • Networking equipment
  • Industrial equipment

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