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EP Series


The EP Series of rectifiers are compact hot pluggable, fan-cooled single phase rectifiers and battery chargers for standalone use. The rectifiers can also be working in parallel as part of a DC power system equipped with an advanced digital controller.

Power Modules Input Input Range Vout Iout Efficiency Buy Now
EP500V AC 85 - 264V 48V 10.42A 92% buy_now
EP1000 PDF Icon AC 85 - 264V 48V 20.83A 92% buy_now
EP1600 PDF Icon AC 85 - 264V 48V 33.33A 92% buy_now
EP3000AC48TE PDF Icon AC 90 - 290V 48V 62.5A 95%  


Features and Benefits

  • Compact 1U x 1U form factor
  • RS485 communications
  • Industry leading controller features
  • Centralized network management Reliability
  • Advanced alarming
  • Fault tolerant Investment Protection
  • Minimal space requirements
  • Versatile (pay as you grow)
  • Efficient operations Convenience
  • Hot Pluggable
  • Hot Swappable Applications


  • Wireless/Cellular
  • Energy Systems
  • Central Office Switching
  • PCS Installations
  • Bulk power for power architecture
  • Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)


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