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Embedded Power - Isolated DC/DC Converters
Low Power Barracuda*

Low Power Barracuda*

The Low Power Barracuda family offers isolated DC-DC converters that are cost competitive and have optimum efficiency. These modules deliver up to 120W at a precisely regulated output voltage over a wide range input voltage from 36-75Vin. These products are used to power communication equipment, distributed power, intermediate bus architectures, the latest integrated circuits and microprocessors.

Power Modules Input Range Vout Iout Efficiency Buy Now
ESTW004A2C PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 15V 4.2A 90% buy_now
ESTW006A0B PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 12V 6A 91% buy_now
ESTW010A0B PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 12V 10A 92.5% buy_now
ESTW020A0S6R0 PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 6V 20A 92.5 buy_now
ESTW010A0A PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 5V 10A 91% buy_now
ESTW015A0A PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 5V 15A 91% buy_now
ESTW024A0A PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 5V 24A 91.5% buy_now
ESTW015A0F PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 3.3V 15A 91% buy_now
ESTW025A0F PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 3.3V 25A 92% buy_now
ESTW036A0F PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 3.3V 36A 91.5% buy_now
KSTW002A5B PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 12V


90% buy_now
KSTW004A2B PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 12V 4.2A 90% buy_now
KBVW006A0B PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 12V 6A 91% buy_now
KSTW006A0A PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 5V 6A 90% buy_now
KSTW010A0A PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 5V 10A 91% buy_now
KSTW010A0F PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 3.3V 10A 90% buy_now
KSTW015A0F PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 3.3V 15A 91% buy_now
SSTW001A3B PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 12V 1.3A 88% buy_now
SSTW003A0A PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 5V 3A 87% buy_now
SSTW005A0F PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 3.3V 5A 88% buy_now
QSTS015A0S10R0 PDF Icon 48V (45V-65V) 10V 15A 92.5% buy_now


Features and Benefits

  • Positive remote On/Off logic
  • Constant switching frequency (300 kHz)
  • High efficiency: 92% at 5.0V full load
  • Basic insulation approved
  • Output overcurrent protection
  • Delivers up to 25A output current
  • Output overvoltage protection
  • Over temperature protection

Options & Accessories

  • Surface mount (-S suffix)
  • Negative remote On/Off logic
  • Optional pin length


  • Distributed power architectures
  • Wireless networks
  • Access and optical network equipment
  • Microprocessor powered applications
  • Enterprise networks
  • Latest generation IC's (DSP, FPGA, ASIC)


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