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The RESILIENT 3000 power supply has extremely robust capability yet is easy to use, economical and has low up-front cost. Featuring high-density, ruggedized enclosure, it features an oversize high reliability fan, conformal coating and it is designed to operate over a wide temperature range. It can function either as a stand-alone power supply or it can be connected in parallel with other power supplies and managed by RS485.

Feature-set flexibility makes this power supply an excellent choice for applications requiring operation over a wide output-voltage range or for charging batteries. Its solid design is intended for rugged applications where poor AC grid conditions and temperature extremes may be experienced. The electrical user interfaces are designed for extreme simplicity for quick installation and turn-up.



Range (V)

Vout Iout Efficiency  
EP3000AC48IN AC Rear, C19 Fan, Front to Back Airflow 90-290V 48-58V 55.5A @ 54V 95%  
EP3000AC48INZ AC Rear, C19 Fan, Front to Back Airflow 90-290V 48-58V 55.5A @ 54V 95%  


Features and Benefits

  •  Low Cost of Ownership
  •  Oversized high reliability fan
  •  Conformal Coated for use in dirty environments
  •  Ruggedized for Temperature Extremes
  •  Ruggedized for dirty AC grid conditions
  •  Wide Range Output
  •  Can be Paralleled for Load Sharing
  •  Simple Installation, Simple Operation
  •  Ability to Charge Batteries
  •  RS485 Communications Capable
  •  High Efficiency 95%+

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