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Embedded Power - Non-Isolated DC/DC Converters


The SlimLynx* power modules are slim non-isolated dc-dc converters in a low profile 2.9mm height. These modules operate over a wide range of input voltage and provide a precisely regulated output voltage from 0.45 to 5.5Vdc, programmable via an external resistor and PMBus control.

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PNDT012 (Pico) PDF Icon Digital 3.0 - 14.4V 0.45 - 5.5V 12A 96% buy_now
PNVT012 (Pico) PDF Icon Analog 3.0 - 14.4V 0.6 - 5.5V 12A 96% buy_now
PNDT006 (Pico) PDF Icon Digital 3.0 - 14.4V 0.45 - 5.5V 6A 95% buy_now
PNVT006 (Pico) PDF Icon Analog 3.0 - 14.4V 0.6 - 5.5V 6A 95% buy_now


Features and Benefits

  • Low profile 2.9mm height
  • Ideal for height sensitive applications
  • Can be used on bottom side reflow applications
  • Compliant to RoHS EU Directive 2002/95/EC (Z version)
  • Compatible in Pb-free/SnPb reflow environment (Z version)
  • Compliant to IPC-9592 (Sept. 2008), Category 2, Class II
  • DOSA based
  • Wide Input voltage range (3.0Vdc-14.4Vdc)
  • Output voltage programmable from 0.45Vdc to 5.5Vdc via external resistor
  • Tunable Loop* to optimize dynamic output voltage response
  • Digital interface through the PMBus** protocol
  • Power Good signal
  • Fixed switching frequency
  • Output overcurrent protection (non-latching)
  • Over temperature protection
  • Remote On/Off
  • Ability to sink and source current
  • Small size: Pico 12.2mm x 12.2mm
  • Wide operating temperature range [-40deg C to 85deg C]
  • UL 60950-1Recognized, CSA C22.2 No. 60950 1-03 Certified, and VDE 0805:2001-12 (EN60950-1) Licensed
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified manufacturing facilities
  • RoHS compliant


  • Constant switching frequency
  • Operating ambient temperature: -40deg C to 85deg C
  • Storage temperature: -55deg C to 125deg C


  • Distributed power architectures
  • Intermediate bus voltage applications
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Servers and storage applications
  • Networking equipment
  • Industrial equipment


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