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Ex-Solutions Hazardous Lighting

Ex-Solutions Hazardous Lighting

Hazardous location products and accessories


ABB Ex-Solutions™ hazardous lighting portfolio has a solution for every application- area lighting, linear lighting, flood lighting and emergency... More

Hazardous location products and accessories


ABB Ex-Solutions™ hazardous lighting portfolio has a solution for every application- area lighting, linear lighting, flood lighting and emergency lighting.  We offer a wide range of products built and certified to withstand the harsh environments that exist across many industrial settings.  When you’re looking for hazardous location lighting, you need an experienced partner you can trust.  Many of our LED products offer a life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours.  Most products come with a 5-year limited warranty.


Hazardous Area Lighting
ABB Ex-Solutions™ offers a wide range of AREA LIGHTING products. Our products are designed with the customer in mind. We offer LED lighting solutions that use 75% less energy than HID, and up to 90% less energy than incandescent products. Many of our LED products offer a life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours.

XSL3 LED lighting
A safe, dependable and rugged LED luminaire with an exclusive design that maximizes heat dissipation, has a wide variety of options for product versatility and offers...
Area Lighting XSL5 High Pressure Sodium
Your go-to versatile explosion-proof fixture. Ideal for use in marine and wet locations, as well as a variety of other Class I, Division 1 hazardous areas where protection...
XSL10 is a flexible and robust solution designed for new or existing facilities. XSL10 delivers superior lighting and optimal temperature performance.
XSL11 LED Lighting
XSL11 is designed to meet and exceed the demands of the food processing industry, industrial and commercial environments, and architectural applications.

Linear Lighting
ABB Ex-Solutions™ Linear Lighting products offer solutions to replace outdated fluorescent equipment. Our Linear fixtures offer robust, energy-efficient options for lighting that resists shock, vibration, and corrosion.

Linear lighting XLN12 LED
XLN12 is a lightweight, durable and water-tight linear strip fixture designed to withstand demanding hazardous location environments in a very low-profile linear package.
Linear lighting XLN13 LED
Ex-Solutions™ XLN13 is a durable and robust linear luminaire designed to replace conventional fluorescent fixtures in industrial, commercial, and tunnel applications.
Linear lighting XLN6 LED
XLN6 is an energy-efficient alternative for hazardous applications. XLN6 offers lamp configurations, mounting options, and easy access to LED components.
Linear lighting XLN7 LED
XLN7 explosion-proof LED features a safe, versatile, and robust design for linear lighting. XLN7 is certified for use in paint booth applications.

Flood Lighting
ABB’s Ex-Solutions™ Flood Lighting products offer high-efficiency options to traditional HID lighting sources. Our LED Flood Lighting product portfolio offers lumen output up to 31,670, at up to a 50% energy reduction over HID versions. Our range of Flood Lighting products offers reduced maintenance costs, ease of installation, and a wide variety of optics that provide outstanding light coverage.

Flood Lighting XFL8 LED
XFL8 is a rugged floodlight designed for outdoor, hazardous, and low-bay applications. XFL8 features high power LED’s, optical distribution patterns, and surge protection.
With a combination of robust design, optics options, and mounting flexibility, the XSL10 series will exceed your expectations of an HID replacement. Offering up to 6265...
XSL11 LED Lighting
Multi-functional and feature-rich, the XSL11 fixtures are capable of meeting and exceeding the rigorous demands of the food processing industry, industrial, and commercial...

Emergency Lighting
ABB Ex-Solutions™ Emergency Lighting provides emergency lighting in areas where potential for explosion or fire exists. Our Class I, Division 2 rated XE Series offers Exit Signs, Remote Lighting, Battery Backup Units and Combination Exit/Lighting Units that all provide Exit/Egress lighting in the event of power outages.

Combo exit and egress sign
The XEC Combo Exit & Egress Battery Unit offers a package of Exit Sign and Emergency Lighting in one combination unit. Emergency lighting duration is rated for 90 min. (...
XEB Egress and Battery unit
The XEB Emergency Lighting Unit provides power for the lighting of the path of egress in the event of a power failure. Battery housing includes Charging Circuit, LED Status...
Exit Sign
The XES series is a ruggedized, hazardous area Exit sign. Rated Class I, Division 2, the XES offers RED or Green legends; mounting options include surface/wall/end/ceiling;...
XER Remote Lighting
The XER remote lamp works as part of our XE Series Emergency Lighting System. Class I, Division 2 rated, the XER offers remote Emergency Lighting lamps (either single or...

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