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Linear Lighting

 ABB Ex-Solutions™ Products options:  Low Profile linear, Work Site linear, Class I, Division 1 Linear, and Vapor/Dust Proof. 


Linear Lighting
XLN16 series Ex-Solutions linear lighting
The XLN16 Series is a slim, shock and vibration resistant fixture. It is durable and reliable in marine and wet locations.
XLN17 series Ex-Solutions linear lighting
Extremely durable and water-tight, the XLN17 Series has a slim and compact design to withstand highly demanding hazardous locations.
XLN17-EM series Ex-Solutions linear lighting
Versatile, shock-resistant, and explosion-proof lighting with a slim design, the XLN17-EM Series has many mounting options for various hazardous locations.
Linear lighting XLN12 LED
XLN12 is a lightweight, durable and water-tight linear strip fixture designed to withstand demanding hazardous location environments in a very low-profile linear package.
Linear lighting XLN13 LED
Ex-Solutions™ XLN13 is a durable and robust linear luminaire designed to replace conventional fluorescent fixtures in industrial, commercial, and tunnel applications.

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