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DC Power Systems - Large Power Plants
GPS 4830*
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GPS 4830

The GPS 4830 integrates the time tested DC distribution found in the GPS 4848 with the new high efficiency GP100 rectifier. A bay with 2640 amps of rectifier capacity also has up to 45 inches of vertical space available in the bay for DC distribution panels. A GPS 4830 system provides ampacity and distribution for most applications up to 7920 amps at -48V DC while retaining all the proven features found with the larger GPS 4848.

Features and Benefits

  •  3-phase 480V AC Input
  •  GP100 Rectifier block
  •  Rectifier efficiencies exceeding 96%
  •  Up to 2640 amps 48V DC from single bay
  •  System Capacity of 7920 amps at 48V DC