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PowerMark Gold Single Phase - Canadian CSA

PowerMark Gold™ load centres are designed to control the distribution of energy through the house. PowerMark Gold load centres’ unique features enable a safe, fast, and easy installation. At the same time, they deliver benefits in design, function, and quality that are intuitive and impactful.

Available for sale in Canada only.

For inquiries about the product in Canada, please contact us here:


  • Full-length neutrals are easier to wire, reducing installation time and cost
  • Raised neutral screws cut wiring time
  • Sturdy copper bus and galvanized box increase durability and reliability
  • Tangential knockouts reduce conduit bending time
  • Back keyholes and slotted side holes simplify mounting


  • One-piece interior removes and reinstalls easily
  • 100% rated split neutral on each side
  • Steel breaker mounting rail
  • Tie bar may be removed to split
  • Neutral/ground
  • Accepts GE Q-Line branch breakers, including GE’s exclusive 1/2" THQPs
  • Suitable for use as Service Entrance Equipment when installed in accordance with the CEC

Technical specifications

  • Accepts 40-225 Amps main breaker
  • Capable of holding 2 - 42 feeder circuits
  • 22kAIC main breaker, series rated 22/10
  • Single Phase, Three Wire, 120/240 VAC, 22 kAIC Rated
  • 60°C/75°C Conductor Rating

Certifications, classifications and standards



  • New home construction
  • Home remodeling
  • Service upgrades
  • Home expansion
  • Light commercial