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Data Care


ABB Ability™ Backup Management for electrical systems – Data Care

Data-sharing and backup service for protection relays

Data Care is an advanced, web-based data sharing and back service that allows sharing and protection on protection and control relays for utility and industry customers. 

Data Care is a service offered by PowerCare for ABB's customer support agreements. Data Care is also offered as a subscription based service through ABB Ability Marketplace - US


  • Access technical information on your protection relays with online storage space
  • Share technical information among employees, subcontractors and service providers
  • Easy preventive maintenance planning with all relevant technical information stored in one place
  • Convenient sharing of disturbance recordings with ABB experts for in-depth fault analysis
  • Easy uploading of up-to-date relay data from the storage space to the protection relay upon return from repair


  • Share files with service providers by granting them individual access rights on substation level
  • Authorized users are able to upload technical information files into pre-determined nodes in the structure and download them
  • Graphical structure created, tailored and maintained by your administrator according to the service contract for easy data management
  • Automatic transfer of binaries for specific ABB protection relays via PCM600 v. 2.5 or later
  • Set e-mail notifications for periodical testing and preventive maintenance according to your choice
  • Automatic activity reports for your administrator on a monthly basis