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ANSI instrument transformers for indoor applications
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ANSI instrument transformers for indoor applications

Available in voltage classes from 0.6 kV to 35 kV.


Features- ANSI indoor current transformers

  • Bushing current transformers with typical applications in high voltage circuit breakers and power transformers.
  • LV thermoplastic rubber current transformers for a variety of applications including secondary revenue metering.
  • LV plastic case window-type current transformers offered in a variety of internal window diameters and used in various switchgear applications.
  • MV indoor current transformers with typical applications in switchgear and metal-clad enclosures for primary and revenue metering and protection.
  • Utilities can collect additional revenue without having to increase rates per kilowatt hours -- simply by improving the range and accuracy of metering. With ABB's AccuRange Current Transformers, hidden power at the low end of the range is detected and measured while mid-range power is more finely metered for its true value. At the same time, the potential increase in upper range current will provide assets additional protection.


Product scope - ANSI indoor voltage transformers

  • Designed for service in metal-clad switchgear and used for metering, relaying, or control power.
  • Single, double, and tapped secondary designs with two accuracy and thermal rating options.


Why ABB?

  • Offering a broad selection of instrument transformers ranging from 600 V to 48 kV
  • Providing cost savings through innovative technology
  • Committed to product quality and customer satisfaction

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