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Blackburn Overhead connectors

Blackburn Overhead connectors

Overhead Connectors
Blackburn® stands for quality and reliability as a supplier of materials to connect overhead distribution power lines and equipment.
Wide Product Offering - Blackburn has a complete line of splices, taps and terminals for all overhead distribution applications.
Quality and Reliability - Proven designs and consistent manufacturing techniques provide for consistent results in the field.
Safety Innovation - The Blackburn Storm-Safe® Breakaway Service Entrance Kits- When ice-loaded or debris-damaged service cables come down, they are de-energized, with no further damage to equipment or customer property.
Emergency Reserves - As part of Blackburn's services, we maintain an extensive supply of overhead splices, taps and terminals — more than 3.5 million pieces — ready in case of any emergency.


  • Aluminum H-Tap Connectors & Covers
  • Automatic Splices and Dead-ends
  • Bolted Wedge Taps
  • Compression Pin Terminals
  • Copper H-Tap Connectors
  • Full & Semi-Tension Compression Splices
  • Hot Line Clamps
  • Power Tap Tool & Accessories - Hydraulic
  • Insulation Piercing Connector System
  • Mechanical Service Entrance Connectors
  • Multi-Tap Eye-bolt Connectors
  • Parallel Grove Connectors
  • Power Tap Tool & Accessories
  • Power Tap Wedges
  • Service Entrance Splices
  • Service Wedges
  • Stirrup Connectors
  • Storm-Safe Service Entrance Disconnects


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