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Elastimold Solid Dielectric Switchgear

Elastimold Solid Dielectric Switchgear

Elastimold® was the first to offer the industry a completely solid dielectric line of switchgear and offers a compelling value to public power and investor-owned utilities. Elastimold switchgear is compact enough to fit through a manhole, modular and field-upgradeable.

Benefits and News


Elastimold® solid dielectric switchgear provides compelling value for pad-mount, riser-pole and vault applications.


Safe - Dead-front construction eliminates exposure to live components and with Visible break (Tru-Break™) to assure the circuit is dead and isolated.


Reliable - Maintenance-free vacuum and Solid Dielectric insulation (molded EPDM) offers more than 50 years of field-proven performance, and all components are sealed and fully submersible. With no oil or gas, there is no leakage and no maintenance required and Non-position sensitive installation.*


Flexible - Compact and lightweight design fits into tight vaults and is modular for combining molded vacuum switches and interrupters in an unlimited number of ways and configurations.


Compatible - Works with industry-leading SEL® protection and automation controls from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories.


Environmentally friendly - Contains no oil or gas for a safe, cost-effective and sustainable grid.


Lifecycle cost reducing - No oil or SF6 gas means no regulatory requirements for monitoring usage and leakage.



Molded Vacuum Switches and Interrupters
  • Molded vacuum switches (MVS)
  • Molded vacuum interrupters (MVI)
Vault and Subsurface Modular Solid Dielectric Switchgear
  • Vault mount solid dielectric switchgear
  • Small-vault solid dielectric switchgear
  • Padmount solid dielectric switchgear


Catalogs and Brochures


Elastimold reclosers switches and switchgear catalog

Elastimold small-vault Switchgear brochure

Elastimold Tru-Break Switchgear Module brochure


Additional Links & Downloads

Elastimold Air-Insulated Switchgear Conversion case study

Elastimold Solid Dielectric Switchgear instruction manual


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Application of Products in the Environment


Solid dielectric switchgear applications


The compact, modular design fits through a manhole cover.


Solid dielectric switchgear applications


Components are interchangeable, upgradeable and field configurable.

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