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Elastimold™ Solid Dielectric Switchgear Small-Vault
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Elastimold™ Solid Dielectric Switchgear Small-Vault

Elastimold™ was the first to offer the industry a completely solid dielectric line of switchgear and offers a compelling value to public power and investor-owned utilities. Elastimold switchgear is compact enough to fit through a manhole, modular, and field-upgradeable.



  • Safe — Due to the dead-front construction that virtually eliminates exposure to live components and with Visible break (Tru-Break™ Switchgear module) to assure the circuit is dead and isolated.
  • Reliable — Maintenance-free vacuum and Solid Dielectric insulation (molded EPDM) offers more than 50 years of field-proven performance, and all components are sealed and fully submersible. With no oil or gas, there is no leakage and no maintenance required, and Non-position sensitive installation.
  • Flexible — Compact and lightweight design fits into tight vaults and is modular for combining molded vacuum switches and interrupters in an unlimited number of ways and configurations with upgrades that can be added in the future.
  • Compatible — Works with industry-leading SEL® protection and automation controls from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories.
  • Environmentally friendly — Contains no oil or gas for a more reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable grid.
  • Lifecycle cost-reducing — No oil or SF6 gas means no regulatory requirements for monitoring usage and leakage.


This is an excellent option to upgrade from air, oil, or gas to Solid Dielectric installation.


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Downloads and Links

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