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Homac Substation connectors

Homac Substation connectors

Homac® Substation Connectors encompasses a broad line of high-quality substation connectors at competitive prices, backed by superior customer service.
Broad Line of Solutions - With weldment and bolted products up to 500kv, Homac's wide product offering includes a full line of couplers, taps, bus supports, terminals and expansion connectors.
Quality and Reliability - Homac equipment is made in plants that are ISO 9001-2008 certified for both design and manufacturing.
Substation Connector Spec Tool - Homac offers the industry an on-line tool — the Substation Bill of Material Project Builder — for more precise specifications go to our: Homac Part/Project Builder
Lower Installed Cost - If you prefer, Homac will provide prefabricated bus assemblies, A-frames and jumpers to save you job site time and money.
Products Included: 
  • Bolted Aluminum Connectors
  • Bolted Bronze Connectors
  • Compression Aluminum Connectors (Substation)
  • EHV Connectors
  • Weld Aluminum Connectors

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