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Homac Underground Distribution

Homac Underground Distribution

Homac®, a leader in underground distribution connector systems for nearly 50 years, offers the widest product line available to utilities today.


Wide product offering - Homac® is ready with world-class product configurations to meet your specific needs for transformers, hand holes and/or pedestal applications.
Quality and Reliability - 100% of our Flood-Seal® bus connectors are subjected to a dielectric test at 4000 volts for 60 seconds to ensure insulation integrity.
Custom Solutions - Our product experts work directly with you to find customized solutions to meet your specific needs.


  • Aluminum Compression Splice Kits
  • Aluminum Mechanical Splice Kits
  • Break-Away Streetlight Kits
  • Copper Compression Splice Kits
  • Drop-On Insulating Boots
  • Equipment Locks
  • Flood-Seal Multi-Port Connectors
  • Insulating Covers & End Caps
  • Mechanical Streetlight Connectors
  • Network Protector Connectors
  • Pad Mount Transformer Connectors
  • Pipe & Conduit Seals
  • Sealants & Lubricants
  • Stud Mount Transformer Connectors
  • Temporary Service Adapter System
  • Wild Life Protectors
  • Pedestal Connectors & Covers

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