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AMP1 Power and Energy Meter
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AMP1 Power and Energy Meter

The AMP1 Power and Energy Meter provide a cost-effective integrated solution with power monitoring and submetering applications for field installations. With exceptional performance, the AMP1 monitors key electrical parameters of the main power coming into the panelboard. This information can then be transmitted to a building automation system (BAS), or to a similar system, to analyze usage and identify potential cost saving measures. Offering ANSI 12.20 0.5% accuracy, the revenue grade AMP1 meter can be used for tenant billing and cost allocation.


The AMP1 integrated power and energy meter is a safe, smart, sustainable solution for applications where energy monitoring is critical to reduce costs, improve energy efficiency and safeguard assets during power failures.


• Improve energy efficiency and help reduce costs
• Maximum reliability and security
• Analysis of potential cost saving actions
• Verify energy bills
• Identify wasteful practices and decrease unnecessary usage
• Fairly and accurately allocate energy costs to users
• Creates an energy profile
• Secure the optimum utility rate structure
• Easy installation and flexible mounting (not suitable for wet conditions, for indoor use only)
• 5-year warranty on metering equipment
• Earn points towards LEED Certification



• Mounted with any orientation over the entire ambient temperature range, either on a DIN rail or in a panel
• LEED measurement and verification points
• Monitors voltage, amperage, power, and energy
• Backlit LCD Display
• Data logging option helps ensure data is still preserved locally
• Communicates via Modbus® RTU or BACnet – versatile and widely used protocols
• User-enabled password protection
• Find optional accessories at


Technical Specifications

• Monitor voltage range 90-600Vdc without the use of external transformers
• Wide CT compatibility - compatible with CTs from 5 to 32000 A
• Revenue Grade, ANSI 12.20 0.5% accuracy


Standards, Classifications Certifications

• UL-67 certified
• ASHARE 90.1 compliance



• OEM lighting and power panel applications
• Commercial submetering
• Condominium and apartment complexes

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