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EPM 1500 Single-point Submetering System

GE's EPM 1500 is an easy-to-use energy/demand data logging meter suitable for new construction or retrofit applications. The integral LCD display provides access to electrical parameters in real-time or historical format. The EPM 1500 is available in numerous packages for either kWh or demand applications. These packages can be purchased as 120/208V or 277/480V ranges with either solid or split core CTs.


Mounting Versatility

EPM 1500 is wall mountable, tamper resistant and can be located near the electrical circuit to be monitored. Its small, rugged metal enclosure is designed for fast installation. Meter is shipped with the required CTs and correct system voltages etc. to minimize installation time and to reduce contractor errors and labor costs.




EPM 1500 meter provides real-time viewing, per-phase of voltage, current, power factor, phase angle, watts, kVARs, kVA, and frequency. Event reporting with time and date stamps regarding consumption, demand resets, power ups/downs, and time changes is available through LCD Display. Non-volatile flash memory retains daily and interval metering data during power outages. Backup battery is also provided to maintain time during power outages.



The EPM 1500 provides standard communication over PLC (Power Line Communication) where the AC lines act as the communication medium - perfect for retrofit applications, where placing new communication lines can be difficult and expensive. Data can be retrieved by Eneractive software through use of transponder. Modbus communication is also available as an option. EPM 1500 utilizes a patented, two-way Power Line Communication technology as a standard feature to send and receive data over the existing power lines without the need of additional communication wiring. GE's PLC technology is an extremely reliable and cost-effective solution.

Features and Benefits

  • Monitoring and Metering
     - Real-time per-phase viewing of voltage, current, power factor, phase angle, watts, VARs, VA and frequency
     - Event reporting with time and date stamps regarding power consumption, demand resets, power-ups/downs, and is available via LCD for viewing
  • User Interface
  •  Modbus RS-485 (optional)
      - Up to 4 pulse inputs (optional)
      -  IEC optical front panel interface for programming
  • Revenue certifiable metering
  • Meets ANSI C12.1 and C12.16 accuracy
  • Local LCD viewing
  • Easy to use energy/demand data logging meter, suitable for new construction or retrofit application
  • Provides all basic information required for billing purposes
  • Power Line Communication (PLC) over the existing power lines- No additional wiring installation is necessary
  • Single part number provides a complete package that includes CTs
  • Low cost, wall mount is simple to use, saves installation costs
  • Rugged metal enclosure is designed for fast installation and is tamper resistant
  • Use with Eneractive software package with Power Line Communications (Modbus protocol over standard RS485 optional)


  • Ideal for commercial and industrial sub-metering applications


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