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Motor Controllers

Motor Controllers

Fieldbus Modules

DNP31.0 DeviceNet communication interface
The DNP31 enables the UMC100.3 to communicate via a DeviceNet Fieldbus.
MRP31.0 Modbus-RTU communication interface
The MRP31 enables the UMC100.3 to communicate via a Modbus RTU Fieldbus.
PDP32.0 Profibus communication interface for UMC100.3
The PDP32 enables the UMC100.3 to communicate on a PROFIBUS DP Fieldbus.

Universal Motor Controllers
Next level of motor control

UMC100.3 Universal Motor Controller
ABB’s UMC100.3 is an advanced motor management system for single and three-phase motors that makes system design and handling even easier and more flexible.

Ethernet Modules
Ethernet modules enable the simple integration of up to 4 motor controllers to an ethernet network.

EIU32.0 Ethernet Network Adapter
Ethernet network adapter with Ethernet/IP protocol. EIU32.0 provides simple integration of a single UMC100.3 motor controller, with direct or separate mounting.
ModbusTCP MTQ22
The MTQ22-FBP.0 provides an Ethernet connection for 1 to 4 UMC100 Universal Motor Controllers.
Ethernet communication interface with Profinet IO protocol.

Expansion Modules
Expansion modules measure three-phase voltages that protect equipment, detect supply problems, and helps with advanced motor protection functions.

AI111 Analog modules
The ABB AI11.01 analog module has three inputs for measuring temperatures or standard analog signals from different sensor types. Two AI111 modules can be connected to...
DX1xx-FBP.0 digital expansion modules
This digital module provides digital inputs, relay outputs, plus an analog output.
VI15x Voltage Modules
Simple 2-wire-connection to UMC100 allows flexible mounting.

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