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Medium voltage indoor sensors
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Medium voltage indoor sensors

The ABB solution for measuring currents and voltages for protection and monitoring in medium voltage power systems.
Electronic Instrument Transformers (Sensors) offer an alternative way of making current and voltage measurements. Sensors based on alternative principles have been introduced as successors to conventional instrument transformers in order to significantly reduce size, increase safety, and to provide greater rating standardization and a wider functionality range. These well known principles can only be fully utilized in combination with versatile electronic relays.

UL certified submersible sensors

  • RSS-1 - Submersible current sensor


UL certified indoor sensors

UL certified indoor current sensors


UL certified indoor voltage sensors


IEC indoor sensors (available in the US without UL certification)

Indoor current sensors


Indoor voltage sensors

  • KEVA A  - Primary and secondary AIS, OEM
  • KEVA B  - Primary and secondary AIS, OEM
  • KEVA C  - Primary and secondary GIS, optimized for retrofit purposes


Indoor combined sensors

  • KEVCD  - Primary and secondary AIS, OEM
  • KEVCY_RE  - Secondary GIS, Ring Main Units
  • KEVA 36 G  - Primary gas insulated switchgear (GIS)



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