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ReliaGear™ Pro-Stock Panelboard

ReliaGear Pro-Stock lighting panelboards is the faster solution for small projects and non-specific applications where time is critical. ReliaGear Pro-Stock lighting panelboards include Tmax XT and Formula A2 circuit breakers to deliver reliable performance. The symmetrical design allows top or bottom feed with main breaker or main lugs for a higher level of convenience. The reversible interior eliminates the need to specify top or bottom feed making ordering easier. Plus, modular kits are available in over 1,500 panel designs.



• Full-panel height neutral bar connections for point-of-ease installations and simplified wiring
• Field installable kits allow you to shift gears on the fly
• Solid-state Spectra RMS or thermal magnetic breakers available as mains or sub-feeds



• All panels are convertible between main lugs or main breaker
• Standard Pro-Stock panels have the capability of adding sub-feed breakers or feed-thru lugs in the field
• Reversible interior. No need to specify top or bottom feed
• Flush or surface mounted trims with door within door and front hinge to box options available
• Up to six poles of sub-feed available in 400A, and up to 3 poles of sub-feed available in 225A
• Modular kits allow for field installation of 200% neutrals and service entrance bonding straps


Technical Specifications

• Main bus ratings of 225 A, 400 A, and 600 A available (Up to 400 A main breaker).
• 600 A main lug offering or lower sub-feeds at 400 A.
• 100–600 A available
• 240 V AC 1- or 3-phase or 480Y/277 V AC 3-phase
• NEMA 1 or 3R, 4, 4X, and 12 enclosures available          
• 42 circuit max
• Meets all UL, NEMA and CSA standards



ReliaGear Pro-Stock lighting panelboards are used for small projects and non-specific applications that are needed fast.
• Emergency situations like natural disasters or property damage
• Storage units
• Strip malls
• Subways
• Small businesses, small buildings and more



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