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Pin & Sleeve

International pin and sleeve devices
UL/CSA standard

International pin-and-sleeve devices are used for high-quality, secure electrical connections in high-abuse environments. These devices allow you to insulate power delivery from moisture, dirt, grime, and chemicals. Pin-and-sleeve devices seal power connections from the environment, prevent accidental disconnect under load, and ensure high-strength durability. Reliable, durable, and safe, ABB’s industrial plugs and receptacles are the perfect choice for your application.


  • ABB industrial plugs and sockets are chosen when safety, reliability, and durability is requested.
  • Reliable contacts prevent stops and power breaks, which leads to increased productivity.
  • Durable equipment prevents time and cost lost due to maintenance. Safe connections prevent accidents.


Easy & Safe are high-quality products for basic applications.

  • Built with polyamideScrewless tightening nutDouble ground screws20-30 A, 50-600 VAC

Tough & Safe are products for demanding applications and environments.

  • Built with PBT plastic
  • IP67 watertight or IP44 splash-proof
  • All external screws are made of stainless steel
  • 20-100 A, 50-600 VAC
  • The 100 A devices are equipped with two screws on each terminal

Critical & Safe are sockets with additional safety functions.

  • Mechanically interlocked receptacles
  • Built with PBT plastic
  • IP 69 for food and beverage applications
  • 20-100A, 50-600 VAC
  • All external screws are made of stainless steel

Certifications & Standards

  • UL/CSA standard
  • IEC60309