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TruFit™ PDU
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TruFit™ PDU

Designed to provide an unmatched combination of power density, safety, and sustainability, the TruFit™ PDU brings highly configurable power distribution to the consumer.


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Its compartmentalized system architecture requires only front access for complete system operation and maintenance, ensuring an easier fit into the white space.  A holistic view of overall system health is supported by the PowerView advanced monitoring and integrated thermal monitoring package.


Tech Support:  1-800-637-1738
Service Hotline:  1-800-292-3739



Features and Benefits

Optimal fit

  • Front access only design for better fit into your floor plan
  • Installation, operation, and maintenance of any serviceable components from front
  • Eliminates the need for additional side or rear clearances


True and proven reliability

  • Equipped with ABB's SACE Tmax XT breakers
  • True reliability through extreme breaking capacity in compact frames
  • Safe and reliable interruption of faults


Centralized health and fitness monitoring

  • Combines the usual metering/monitoring with optional integrated thermal monitoring solution
  • Eliminates need for expensive 3rd party metering solutions
  • Simplified communications through centralized native PDU monitoring system


Prioritizing safety

  • Compartmentalized design to minimize exposure to potential arc flash events
  • Isolation of consumable and serviceable components from hazardous voltages


Improved sustainability

  • Equipped with high-efficiency, DOE 2016 compliant transformers
  • Advanced metering/monitoring provides requisite visibility to optimally balance loads and maximize utilization
  • Worldwide environmental compliance


Predictive maintenance

  • Optional integrated thermal monitoring provides advanced visibility of system health
  • Proactively identify potential losses at bolted connections

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