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R600 Boxed Interface Relays and Optocouplers
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R600 Boxed Interface Relays and Optocouplers

Boxed interface relays and optocouplers


The ABB R600 boxed interface relay range is used for electrical isolation, amplification and signal matching between the electronic controls –  PLCs, iPCs or field bus systems – and the sensor / actuator level.
The built-in relay ensures the design fulfills the highest vibration requirements. The compact design and different connection terminal options help produce optimized panel installations.


  • Space savings
  • Highly vibration resistant
  • High switching currents in a small footprint


  • Screw- or spring-type terminals
  • 8 different coil voltages from 5-24 V DC / 24-230 V AC/DC
  • 1 n/c contact, 1 n/o contact, 1 c/o contact or 2 c/o contacts available
  • Optional intergrated RC element available
  • Up to 4 mm² wire can be connected

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