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Vital DynLink Controller
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Vital DynLink Controller

Vital is a safety controller that uses ABB’s exclusive DynLink technology. This technology allows you to connect up to 30 different DynLink compatible devices on one Vital controller and still maintain a PLe level of safety.


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This enables a single Vital to supervise all safety functions on many machines that otherwise would have required a programmable safety controller or multiple safety relays.
Vital is also commonly used to supervise all emergency stops for larger machine lines.



  • Works on DYNLink, the Dynamic Pulse Safety System
  • Connect up to 30 Dynamic Pulse devices to one Vital Controller
  • Cannot be bypassed at the controller
  • Advanced Diagnostics – Flashing Lights guide you to the problem
  • Tina adapters convert dual channel devices to Dynamic Pulse



Easy connection - Reduced installation and engineering time thanks to simple installation with serial connection using M12 connectors
No programming required - The use of only one safety module without any programming simplifies engineering, commissioning and replacement.
Less components - Significantly less components needed to achieve PL e/SIL 3.
LED diagnostics - Integrated LED diagnostics reduces down time when troubleshooting.
Detachable connection blocks - Detachable connection blocks simplify replacement.
Exchange without configuration - The configuration is made with jumpers in the detachable connection blocks. In case of exchange, the new unit automatically gets the correct configuration.
Easy to reach highest safety level - The DYNlink solution makes it possible to maintain the highest level of safety with up to 30 sensors connected in series.
Extensive fault detection - The DYNlink solution enables unique fault detection features and prevents 2-channel faults.
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