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Americas Quick-Guard

Americas Quick-Guard (AQG) is a modular version of our popular Quick-Guard fencing system. AQG is easily designed, and it ship and installs quickly, including field modifications as necessary.


*Available in US and Canada only


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Easy to order fencing system

  • Currently AQG (S&E) has 14 part numbers including the bracket kits
  • With 14 part numbers a fencing system can be designed on a piece of paper


Easy to stock fencing system

  • Four mesh panels
  • Two vertical posts
  • One mesh door
  • Seven bracket kits


Easy to install fencing system

  • Easy to assemble
  • About 5 minutes per 1500mm section


If a custom design is needed

  • We do that also, just contact your distributor
  • We will need all the details to design a custom fencing solution


Americas Quick-Guard E

  • Most economical & flexible AQG style
  • A 1500mm center to center mesh panel comes with H channel on top & U channel on the bottom. Net Locks are used to mechanically lock the mesh to the aluminum post. Net Locks are provided with the wire mesh.
  • Two posts are available, 44x44 and a 44x88, both two meters in height, and they come with the floor brackets and JSM 37 support screws to be installed to support the mesh at the proper height.
  • The mesh door comes with the necessary hardware along with a 44x44 post and a 44x44 header on top
  • With 6 part numbers we can easily design aa AQG E  stylee fencing
  • Trimming the wire mesh panel to length with bolt cutters makes exact sizes easy


Americas Quick-Guard S

  • AQG S is used when more rigidity is required
  • AQG panels are based on a 1500mm center to center dimension. If overall section is too long, it can easily be shorted by using standard hand tools.
  • The “S” Style utilizes the same 44mm x 44 mm extrusion as the post for it’s upper and lower horizontal beams.
  • Using the supplied sweep guide you can easily hold your fence panel in position while you install the bracket kits, providing a uniform installation height for the mesh panels.
  • Trimming the wire mesh panel to length with bolt cutters makes exact sizes easy. Horizontal headers can be cut with a cutoff saw.


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